Veneer Installation

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers interior and exterior Veneer Installation Services for existing facades, existing walls, and fireplaces for your home and commercial properties.


A Veneer is a thin sheet of material that can be made of a different array of materials. Some of the veneers we use are made of wood, plastic, stone, brick, and tile. There are many uses for veneer in the world of construction. We can change the look of the exterior of your home using brick veneer or refresh your kitchen with a tile veneer made of porcelain or brick. Whatever the application JLM Masonry and Waterproofing is up to the task. 

 Exterior Uses for Veneer 

Engineered stone veneer is very popular when it comes to the exterior of your house or business. And using a certified Mason is very important to achieve the look and feel that you envision for your property. When it comes to exterior veneers, JLM has decades of experience handling jobs of all sizes and scope. We will professionally and efficiently install your veneer façade to spec so that it will complement your vision of the exterior. JLM’s installation will stand the test of time, and you will be able to enjoy your exterior for years to come. 

Besides a stone veneer, there are other veneers that we use for your exterior. We have worked with stone polymers, wood, brick, and other materials. We will help you decide what material is best for your application. And walk you through the process so you know what to expect. At JLM we are not happy until you are. 

 Interior Uses for Veneer

When it comes to interior veneer there are many options. We have installed wood, stone, tile brick, and plastic veneers in the interior of homes and businesses. With our decades of experience, we have helped homeowners and businesses achieve the look they dream of for the inside of the homes and buildings. Any interior veneers can be used in the application you are imagining. Whether it’s an accent wall or a fireplace that you want updated, JLM is here to help. We do backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, and any other application that you may need in your home or business. Interior Veneers are very versatile. And is only limited by your imagination.  

JLM Masonry and Waterproofing is your Premier Company for Masonry, Waterproofing, and Veneer installation in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Call us at 267-808-1470, email us at, or contact us through the website.