Masonry Waterproofing & Concrete Repair

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers Masonry Waterproofing and Concrete Repair Services for existing facades, existing walls, interior walls, fireplaces in homes, houses, and commercial properties.

Quality Masonry work and concrete can last centuries. However, water will find a way and can easily displace weathered concrete quickly. The masonry of your house must work together as a system to keep the elements on the outside. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your brickwork, stonework and stucco is waterproof and you make the necessary concrete repairs and maintenance.

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers full waterproofing solutions for any material used in the building of your house or commercial property. We have extensive experience with expansion and control joints, raised ribbon stone pointing, interior concrete walls, and high-end architectural finishes.  If you protect this ornate masonry and it can last forever.