Commercial Masonry & Parking Garage Repair

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers Commercial Masonry Repair and Parking Garage Repair for commercial properties, industrial properties, retail spaces, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and condominium complexes.

Many Commercial properties and businesses use brick, stone, stucco, cement, concrete and other masonry products for their interior design, exterior design, walls, and flooring. These materials can weather over time because of heavy foot traffic and machinery. Many of these materials need routine cleaning, repair, and restoration to keep a professional, clean appearance for commercial properties and businesses and to protect your structural integrity.

We have worked on many commercial properties such as apartment complexes, condominium complexes, shopping centers, and converting small businesses from industrial to retail spaces. We also specialize in parking garage masonry repair, masonry restoration, masonry remediation and masonry cleaning.