Stucco Repair & Basement Wall Restoration

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers Stucco Repair and Basement Wall Restoration Services for existing facades, existing walls, in homes, houses and commercial properties.

Stucco is a very popular building material. Stucco is made is made of cement, water and sand, and lime. Stucco is a breathable material because it has tiny pores that allow water to evaporate so moisture doesn’t build up and cause decay or rot. Stucco is also a common material used in basement walls to combat dampness and moisture. It is vital to keep these stucco basement walls intact to strengthen your wall’s structural integrity.

However, if not installed properly, over time stucco will break down. Common problems with stucco are staining, cracking, mold, water leaks, water marks, and deterioration.We will repair and replace your stucco and ensure your installation was done correctly so your stucco is waterproof for decades to come. Restored Stucco gives your house new life and added equity.