Brick Pointing

JLM Masonry & Waterproofing offers Brick Pointing Services for existing facades, existing walls, and fireplaces in brick houses, brick homes and commercial properties.

In the 20th century, many houses and buildings in the Greater Philadelphia area were built with brick and stones as the most reliable building materials. Brick houses are extremely durable but need routine maintenance, expert brickwork repair and reliable masonry work to hold their strong qualities. 

Brick houses are built with brick and mortar, which is the adhesive used to connect the bricks together. Over time, this adhesive succumbs to the weather and the elements and begins to break down. This structural breakdown creates more problems such as leaks, flooding, mold, insects, pests, and temperature fluctuations inside the home. 

The best way to preserve these generational homes is to hire JLM Masonry & Waterproofing for brick pointing. Brick pointing is the process of replacing old mortar with fresh mortar in between your bricks and replacing damaged bricks with new bricks. We will match your existing walls, color, and finish with the right materials. This gives your brickhouse a new, clean finish and an enforced barrier against the elements. It also greatly solidifies your structural integrity. This process also improves your curbside appeal and adds value to your home instantly.