Get Your Chimney Liner Replaced Before Temperatures Drop

No one wants to admit it with the summer heat still bearing down on us, but the colder weather is right around the corner. Shorts and T-shirts will give way to hats and gloves before we know it. With that wetter and colder weather comes more regular use of your heating system. That’s why fall is the perfect time to get your chimney liner replaced before temperatures drop.  

A chimney liner can be a tricky job to figure out. It’s not something you see every day. But maybe you just purchased your house, and the home inspection came back saying you needed a new liner. Maybe you just had a routine chimney cleaning and were told you needed a new liner. Maybe you just think it’s a good idea. Whatever the case may be, getting that done now will help avoid delays in the colder months when more and more people decide the same.  

Let’s start simple, contact us today to have your chimney cleaned. We can come out, do a routine chimney cleaning, and, while we are there, we can run an endoscope through your chimney. That will let us see if there are any cracks or damage along the existing liner that may be dangerous or hazardous. If the camera shows no visible damage, then you just got yourself a clean chimney and some peace of mind. If you do have some cracks and breaks, we can help you figure out your options.  

Once we know for sure that the liner is failing, then we can get to work on replacing it for you with a brand new metal liner that will help your heating system run at peak performance again.  

So, don’t wait. Contact JLM Masonry today to at least get a cleaning on the books. Because once the colder weather hits, everyone in the city will find out whether or not they need the same thing when they fire up their heaters for the first time.