Three Easy Steps to Get Ready for Firepit Season

Summer is still sizzling, but fall is right around the corner. What better way to keep those summer vibes rolling than planning for more outdoor fun with a firepit? Sure, it’s not exactly the same thing. But it is easily one of the best ways to adjust because we can’t force summer to stay forever. Believe me, I have tried everything. While those cooler temperatures are moving in and there is still enough light to stay outside later…why not make the most of it? So here are three easy steps to get ready for firepit season before it’s too late.  

  1. PICK YOUR LOCATION: Maybe you have a nice sized backyard. Maybe you have a small front yard. Maybe you only have a tiny strip of lawn or concrete somewhere close to your house. Whatever you are working with, try to envision where a firepit would go. Think of the whole picture. What would seating look like? Lighting? Is there a place to store wood? 
  1. GET A PROFESSIONAL OPINION: In all likelihood, you’ve not built many firepits before. So, contact us to get a professional opinion on it. We can come out, take a look, and even help design what it would look like. Want some benches built in around the pit? Did you see something on Pinterest that you want to try and replicate? We can help you figure all that out and come up with a gameplan for making it a reality.  
  1. GET TO WORK: After we come to a consensus on what is going to happen, we can get started. JLM can handle all of the masonry work (even those benches or other touches). We even partner with a company who can level and prepare the ground for whatever it is you want to build.  

That’s it! Three easy steps to get ready for firepit season and help you keep those last bits of summer alive.