Reasons to Have A certified insured Mason Come Inspect Your Chimney, Brick, and Stone 

When it comes to chimney repair or mason repair, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to issues that might arise. The same can be said about stone veneer as well. Small cracks or worn away bits can be explained as something to deal with down the road. Or it might not even register as problems at all to the untrained eye. But, often times, those little things are an indicator of bigger problems already taking shape. 

One of the biggest reasons to have a certified insured mason come inspect your chimney, brick and stone regularly is the simple fact that most individuals don’t have any idea what to look for when it comes to issues in these areas. Something that might raise red flags with a seasoned professional may look like no big deal to the average joe.  

For instance, when was the last time you checked the capping on your chimney? If you have a fireplace — or even if you don’t, in some houses you may still have a chimney — the top of your chimney can wear away over time. That can lead to massive openings you won’t happen to see without a regular inspection. Openings for water to penetrate your house, causing all sorts of problems.  

When it comes to mason repair, some of the biggest issues are mortar deterioration and sandstone erosion. In both cases, the building in question looks like it needs to be refreshed. But it’s more than just the look. In most cases there are structural issues to worry about. If it’s a brick building, cleaning out the old mortar and repointing is the way to go to keep water and the elements out. But with sandstone, often times, just slapping more mortar on can cause more harm than good. In these cases, more attention is needed.  

A certified insured mason would be able to identify the best, most efficient ways to fix problems before they become disasters.  

If you have areas that have been concerning you, or you just want to put your mind at ease, reach out today so JLM can take a look around