Commercial Masonry And Parking Garage Repair

First impressions are everything. No doubt you have heard that statement before. Well, that extends to your customers as well. Whether they are parking on the street somewhere near your storefront or office, or they are using the parking lot you have so graciously provided, what they initially see when they pull up will stick with them for a long time. Whether you want to believe it or not, that’s at least partly how they’ll remember you for the rest of your relationship together.  

So, if you have loose bricks around storefront windows or crumbling stairs in a parking garage, that’s not a great way to establish a good client relationship. Aside from being potentially dangerous, it’s just not a great look. That’s why commercial masonry and parking lot repair should be tended to immediately.  

Commercial properties are built with products that can weather and wear away. Brick, stone, and stucco are solid materials but they are not infallible. It’s important to stay on top of routine cleaning, repair, and maintenance in order to keep that high-quality image that’s so important to running a solid business. It can also help save money on bigger bills that can arise from minor repairs that can grow into much larger issues.  

Do you have an aging shopping mall that could use some masonry cleaning? Or a condo complex that needs some brick pointing? Or, maybe you noticed some rebar poking through and need some parking lot repair? Or maybe you know something needs to be done but you have no idea where to even start? Don’t worry, we’ve done it all. Let Joe and JLM help diagnose the problem, come up with some options for how to best address your situation, and get you on your way to looking the best for the next clients to walk through your door.