Waterproofing Your Brick or Stone House

Waterproofing Your Stone or Brick House 


Most homes in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are built with either stone or brick. Both of those are materials that most people associate with being durable and long-lasting. And, in a sense, that’s true. But they aren’t impenetrable. They are still materials. Ones that you can’t just leave alone and expect them to stay perfect forever.  


That’s why waterproofing your stone or brick house is super important.   


Over time, concrete bricks — the type of brick widely used in construction throughout the northeastern United States — sucks in water from rain and snow, causing it to freeze and thaw along with the temperatures outside. As it goes through those cycles, small cracks start to form and bits of the brick can break off or wear away. Instead of a perfectly flat, rectangular brick you end up with pock-marked object with rounded edges and corners. Similarly, the pointing — the material used to seal up the areas between the stones in stone structures — can wear away, creating entry points for any type of water or moisture to find its way inside.  


That’s why brick masonry and brick restoration — or stone masonry and stone restoration — are necessary. That includes brick pointing and stone pointing, stucco masonry and remediation, basement wall restoration, and chimney repair. 


Regular upkeep of these areas can lead to lower heating bills from cold air getting in during the winter months. Leaks forming in your walls from lack of attention to your exterior are just the precursor to much larger, much more expensive restoration projects down the road.  


If you think of your house like a smartphone, then waterproofing would be like the protective case that goes on the outside. Or, if you are one of the bold ones who goes caseless, then waterproofing is like the screen protector that you hopefully do have on the screen itself. You may not notice it doing anything during your normal day-to-day shenanigans. But it definitely will save your screen the next time you drop the phone and it somehow manages to land on the single square foot of concrete and not the soft grass that’s all around you. 


Don’t wait until a small problem becomes a big, expensive one. Learn more about JLM Masonry & Restoration and give us a call today to get started on your outdoor restoration projects.